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maquette de pochette avec fenêtre

Packaging : special creations

Our job is to transform cardboard so as to enhance and protect your product.

We print it – cut it out and fold it to your wishes!

Let your creativity express itself, we design:

  • greeting cards with popup,
  • boxes with special or innovative shapes,
  • houses – boats and objects to mount,
  • the cards – panels ……

With several types of cardboard – kraft – white – stained in the mass – soft-touch …

Adapted prints – UV – matt varnish – gloss varnish – selective varnish …

Enhancing touches – embossing – hot foil stamping – PVC window ….

We create for you real origami cardboard. We bend the box to your wishes.

Surprise your customers and partners!


sac en carton sur mesure
etui carton sur mesure avec eurolock
livret carton à cd sur mesure
boîte carton avec cale sur mesure