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Our advice : packaging shape and design

Our expert's advice for your project's success in 8 questions


1. Show us your object

We advise you on the most pertinent shape to use. Indeed, our 20 years of experience and the great number of shapes we have met mean that we have plenty of ideas for you. We can develop a model to help you decide.

2. Tell us where its going to go

Will your product be sent directly to your clients or will it be on a shop shelf ? Will it be in a bin or on a counter? Is it for an special occasion? a limited series or a market test? All this affects the type of packaging to adopt: ballotin, case, box…

3. What is the packaging for

Your packaging protects your product. It must have mechanical characteristics in accordance with the constraints of your product. For example weight, transport to the point of sale, fragility and stocking. Thus, humidity levels and temperature variations can have an influence on the packaging constraints.

It is also important to take into account the marketing constraint that can impose a certain packaging shape.

4. Have you thought of a second life for it

Can the packaging render other services to your customers ? For example by permitting the packaging to have a second use : a box for paper clips, a drawer box that becomes a pencil case, a lovely box that becomes an advertising object…


5. What is the goal of the design

The design’s goal is to sell your product, to communicate compulsory information, to mark your difference with the competition and to attract your client’s eye,

6. How many colors and what particularities

Mono color, four-color process, embossing, embossing, hot foil stamping, varnishing, laminating, all this makes it possible to produce packaging (business cards, greetings …) more or less perceived as high-end, and has an impact on production costs.

7. Do you want to add multimedia to your box

Do you miss space on your packaging to communicate? If you wish to extend this space, we propose that you add contactless technology of the QR-code or NFC type. You transform your “connected” product and your customers access important information (advice, recipes, contact info, etc.). Each packaging becomes a multimedia ambassador and social network of your brand.

8. Have you prepared the file

What is your file format ? Have you associated it with the flat shape? Have you taken into account glue points, lost edges ? We propose to validate it or to do it for you. We are in contact with several agencies that will help you to answer the visual challenges.