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Methodology : making packaging

We control the entire production chain

Step 1

Study and design
of the project from
the object to present
or to pack

Step 4

Printing the support

Step 2

Quote according to the number of boxes to run, cardboard quality and options

Etape 5

Découpe et collage du support

Step 3

Validation of the computer file and, if necessary, making of a contractual proof

Step 6


1. You send us the project or object to pack

Our know-how is unique, because we are the only Breton company specialized in short and medium quantity runs to be able to make a number of our products without any subcontracting. We are in control of the whole graphic chain and, therefore, we guarantee quality control of our products. Our design office imagines the support adapted to the object to be packed. Beyond the practical aspect and simplicity of assembly, the marketing impact, aesthetics and design are taken into account. The models made are made to measure and take into account the specific client specifications.

2. Your quote in 24 h (48 h for complex projects or those requiring sub-contracting)

  • Opening of an account
  • Provision of a prototype (white model) made by our design office for validation by you. The white model is charged 70 euros H.T. per unit, but this amount is deducted from the final bill if your manufacturing (printing and shaping) is done by Mizenbox.
  • For a first order, full payment upon ordering.

3. Once the prototype is validated, a PDF file is provided with the die cut plot for the making of the execution document

Supplied by you, a document of execution respecting the rules of manufacture (bleed, embedded images, vectorized text, layer for the separate plot,…).

  • Generally, files are made on Adobe Illustrator,
  • If necessary, manufacture of a contractual proof (Iris or Cromalin for example) for color validation,
  • After verification, supply of the imposed computer execution document (optimized for printing),
  • Validation by you before running. Once this validation is done, it takes about 15 working days before delivery,

4. Flashing on CTP and die-cut shape ordering

Printing on our offset printer after flashing plates on our CTP or sometimes outsourced according to your deadlines and constraints.

The die-cut shape is a wooden support with sharp or sloping metal borders. Its function is to press the cardboard like a cookie cutter. It is necessary for a run beyond 100 copies. From 1 to 100 copies, we use our cutting table to cut the products.

5. Shaping

When the packaging has passed through the press, and has therefore been cut, it is necessary to remove the cutting scraps (the shelling) and prepare it for the folding-gluing phase.

The folder – gluer receives the wrapping reams flat, which are then automatically folded and glued.

The cutting – folding – gluing phases are at the heart of our expertise.

6. Delivery

We listen to your constraints and respect your deadlines. Give us early notice on your deadlines and quickly sign the proof so that we can deliver in time. Your order is delivered by carrier, on pallet or in boxes, wherever you want.