Gift box

maquette personnalisée de coffret

Personalized gift box

The gift box comes in several ways:

  • The traditional gift box with a bottom and separate lid,
  • The  bell bottom box and lid of the same height,
  • The bottom box and lid of the same height with an inner belt of variable height.
  • The drawer box, the sleeve is closed at one end and the drawer is equipped with a pull accessory (a ribbon for example).
  • The box with closure.

Added to this are some ideas to highlight your product:

  • The border is to add a border to the sides and therefore have a double thickness of cardboard separated by a more or less large space on the sides (of the order of a centimeter),
  • Embossing to highlight (in volume) your brand,
  • Hot gilding for a particular event,
  • The shape of the box: square – rectangular – octagonal….

Your customers appreciate the gift box for a gift, an event and for your high-end products.


coffret personnalisé avec fermeture scratch
coffret personnalisé avec fenêtre pvc
coffret personnalisé cadeau