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How we create a packaging

You want to create a packaging and you don’t know what form of packaging will meet your constraints? Ask us for advice and we’ll help you design one or more models. You send us your product and we will perform tests to help you make your packaging. We’ll make a model (prototype) that you can present to your team. The low cost of your model (70 € H.T.) production will save you time, help you to make the right choice and will allow you to produce more quickly, with no surprises.

The packaging is designed in a logic of economy of materials, performance, seduction. In this perspective, we provide our customers with “in-house know-how” in technical, technological and market knowledge.

Equipped with the complete manufacturing chain, we operate with total control of the project design upon delivery. That is to say that we elaborate the model, the cutting line, print, cut the cardboard, paste and deliver.

We work with your graphic designer and we send him the cutting plot to allow him to add your colors.

Creating a packaging has been our job for many years!

Thanks for your advice, your support and your beautiful packaging, sincerely.


We wanted to get back to you and all the Mizenbox team to thank you for the quality of the products you sent us, as well as for the quality of our exchanges to achieve them. Wishing you a good day.

ERIC JÄHNKE - Co-founder

I wanted to thank you for the delivery of the packaging. We were able to send directly to the US. As always, I am delighted with the work done. Excellent day.

Dylan Savary - Communication